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The Open Modeling Foundation is an alliance of modeling organizations that coordinates and administers a common, community developed body of standards and best practices among diverse communities of modeling scientists.



Support best practices for discovery and access to model code, documentation, and metadata.

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Help others understand a model, replicate its results, reuse or extend it with a combination of narrative documentation protocols and visual diagrams that clearly and comprehensively describe the model, how it works, its assumptions and limitations, etc.

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Enable models to be composed or integrated into larger scale models while maintaining scientific rigor.

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Facilitate reuse of high quality model code for reproducibility, replication, extension, and integration into larger scale models.

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How to Participate

You can contribute to OMF activities as a representative of a member organization or as an individual in a Working Group.

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The OMF community is committed to providing a welcoming, civil and constructive environment to improve modeling science.

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Latest updates

Follow the latest in OMF developments on our GitHub repository and GitHub discussion forums.

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