Member Organizations and Representatives

Representatives of member organizations make up the Members Council, the primary governing body of the Open Modeling Foundation. They are responsible for approving policies, procedures, and standards.

Any formally constituted organization composed of or representing an active community of modelers in the social and natural sciences may request to become a member of the Open Modeling Foundation and join the Members Council by addressing a letter of request to the Executive Committee. Letters requesting membership can be sent to All requests for membership must be submitted to the Members Council for review and approval.

More Information about Membership
Current Members Council

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee ensures that the activities of the Open Modeling Foundation further its vision, mission, and goals as expressed in the charter and values statement.

More Information about the Executive Committee
Current Executive Committee

Working Groups

Open Modeling Foundation Working Groups coordinate and enable a diverse spectrum of modeling scientists to participate directly in OMF activities and self-governance and help OMF fulfill its vision, mission, and goals.

Request to join a Working Group

For more information on each Working Group please follow the links below.

Standards WG

Contribute to the Standards Working Group discussion on GitHub

Certification WG

Contribute to the Certification Working Group discussion on GitHub

Education and Outreach WG

Contribute to the Education and Outreach discussion on GitHub

Cyberinfrastructure WG

Contribute to the Cyberinfrastructure Working Group discussion on GitHub

Early Career Scholars

The Early Career Scholars program helps the Open Modeling Foundation support student and early career development.

Request to join the Early Career Scholars program

Please click here for more information on Early Career Scholars

Open Modeling Foundation Affiliates

Membership in the Open Modeling Foundation Affiliates offers a formal way for individuals, not represented by a member organization, to receive regular information about OMF activities and communicate with different components of the OMF.

More information on OMF Affiliates
Send us an email to request to join as an OMF Affiliate
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