Enabling next generation modeling of human and natural systems

The Open Modeling Foundation is an alliance of modeling organizations that coordinates and administers a common, community developed body of standards and best practices among diverse communities of modeling scientists.

Governance of the Open Modeling Foundation is organized to enable the foundation to carry out its mission and goals, and realize its vision in the most effective way possible. It aims to provide a free and fair voice to all member scientific communities it represents. It is designed to offer opportunities for all modeling scientists to participate and contribute to the goals and activities of the OMF. It also seeks to maximize benefits for the scientific communities it represents and promote modeling science that benefits both human and natural systems on our planet. Organizations representing modeling scientists make up the core membership of the Open Modeling Foundation and oversee policies and procedures. Individuals participate as representatives of member organizations or in Open Modeling Foundation Working Groups.

The mission, goals, organization, membership, and activities of the Open Modeling Foundation are described in its Charter.